Getting Back to Normal with VaxCard™

Confidently go more places with a durable, wallet-sized version of your Covid-19 vaccination record.

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Store your original CDC paper card in a safe place

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Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination
Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination

Validation that you have received a Covid-19 vaccination.

vaxcard Wallet Sized
Wallet Sized

VaxCard is designed to fit in your wallet and comes lanyard ready if you need to display it.

Vaxcard Durable and Waterproof
Durable and Waterproof

VaxCards are constructed of high-quality composite material that is waterproof and will last for years.

Ordering Your VaxCard is Easy

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Take a photo of your card with your phone
Take a photo of your card with your phone
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Receive your VaxCard in the mail
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Use your VaxCard as proof of Covid-19 vaccination

How To Order Your VaxCard

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