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Thank You VaxCard for saving me at the gate!!! Got me in to see James Taylor and his All Star Band with Jackson Browne! They required proof of vaccination. Whew!

-- Jep in Florida

I just received my VaxCard and I like it. It keeps my original vaccine card safe. Save your card and get this VaxCard!

-- Joel on Facebook

The card is phenomenal! 👏I really love it. Thank you VaxCard!

-- Regie on Facebook

Where is VaxCard accepted?

Received mine two days ago. I love it. Attached it to my lanyard at work. Super easy verification for those inquiring.

-- Cory in Sacramento

For international travel, VaxCard is a must. I put my card on a lanyard, very convenient. No problem at the airport.

-- Generoso in Texas

I have presented my VaxCard several times now, it’s easily accepted when I flew international and the digital version was accepted by the customs agent. 10/10

-- Jason in San Diego

I was at the theatre a couple of nights ago (Broadway touring show) and I used my plastic VaxCard as my proof of vaccine. The attendant who checked me – and the patrons right behind me in line started asking questions about what they thought was a very convenient way of not having to carry the original. I smiled and just gave them the QR code on the back. Hope you guys get more takers!

-- Alan in Michigan

Here is a list of the places we used and where your VaxCard was accepted… The Last Supper in Milan, The Doge’s Palace and The Basilicata of St. Mark’s in Venice, The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and every restaurant where it was requested. Those are some pretty big names and important venues. VaxCard was accepted at all without question… same as the CDC cards. It did what we were hoping it would do and again I thank you for your efforts to get us our cards before departure.

-- Michael in Utah

What did you think when you first got your VaxCard?

Just received my VaxCard in the mail. I love it! It was so easy using their app. #VaxCard

-- Sandra on Twitter

I just got mine and I really like it. Easy to put it in my phone cover slot.

-- Linda on Facebook

I got mine, thanks! #loveit #walletsizefit

-- Antonio on Facebook

It is exactly what is advertised, came quickly and we have already gotten friends to get it. Great product and service.

-- John in Idaho

It’s convenient and small and I’ll be ordering another. 10/10

-- Robin in California

Great backup. I also am a COVID Monitor on Broadway and have sent you several customers. 10/10

-- Ken in New York

I just received my VaxCard, and it is great! It fits in my wallet perfectly, and putting the electronic version into my Apple wallet was a snap. More importantly, their customer service is second to none. When I had a question, I received a prompt reply to my email, even on a Sunday. That means a lot. I would highly recommend VaxCard!

-- Joe, Facebook recommendation

Love it! I purchased the digital and wallet-sized hard copy versions. Easy to locate or display as needed. Not bulky or cumbersome. I highly recommend this. Wallet-sized card is laminated & looks great.

-- Rafael on Facebook

What’s VaxCard customer service like?

I would definetly recommend your company based on your great customer service. Thanks again.

-- Kevin in Pennsylvania

Excellent card! Great look and feel! Very easy and safe… I was very pleased with the customer support as well!

-- Bill in Florida

Everything worked out well. I am referring a couple of friends to you. Again, THANK YOU!

-- Kwow in Washington

This is an amazing product and I recommend it for everyone. Wallet size, weather proof, and easy to show to prove vaccination. Outstanding customer service, highly recommended.

-- Bob, Facebook